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Wombat Reverties - the first-ever collection of fully refundable NFTs on the Polygon blockchain!


Mint your Wombat Reverty NFT

$- Small Wombybank

You currently have - Small Wombybanks

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-/5000 minted

$- Large Wombybank

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-/5000 minted

Image of the Wombat Revery NFT Token


Wombat Reverties are unique digital tokens minted on the Polygon blockchain. You can buy these tokens with USDC, use them, and if you ever change your mind, you can give them back and get all your USDC returned.

All Wombat Reverties are stakable in the Wombat Dungeon Master game and available to view and trade on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea or MagicEden.

Image of the Wombat Dungeon NFT game


Wombat Reverties are a new type of Refundable NFT powered by Mycelium Network. You pay a fixed price in USDC to mint a Revertie. You can redeem your USDC at any time via this page. All transactions are non-custodial and secured on the blockchain.

The USDC you use to mint your Reverties is automatically deposited into an Aave lending pool to generate interest.

This interest will NOT be paid out to the holders of the NFTs; instead, 80% of the interest will be used to buy back and burn WOMBAT tokens. 20% of interest accrued is allocated to Mycelium Network for their contribution and to support The Wombat Protection Society of Australia (WPSA)

The Aave protocol is built to allow the withdrawal of any deposited crypto and time and immediately. The smart contracts used in Aave have been audited and battle tested with currently over $2bn in deposits across multiple blockchains. However, under extreme circumstances like severe market drops there is a minimal chance of the deposit being reduced. To date, no such event has occurred to any of the Aave lending pools.

The first versions of the Wombat Reverties will pay back 100% of the USDC you’ve used to purchase them.

In future versions this may be subject to change depending on the requirements. For example an edition may pay back a percentage of your USDC such as 95%, others might pay back 100% of your funds, but in WOMBAT tokens instead of USDC. Follow our socials and consult regularly with this whitepaper for updates on any changes.